Fifty Songs

by Nick Morrow

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released January 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Nick Morrow Columbus, Indiana

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Track Name: There Is a River
Come and remember the works of the Lord
Stand in His presence, speechless and poor
Be still and know that He is God
Be still and know He is our shelter and our guard

There is a river filled with joy
In the city of our Lord
It can’t be shaken or destroyed
And He will reign forevermore

Even if mountains crumbled to dust
Even if oceans swallowed the earth
Be still and know that He is God
Be still and know He is our shelter and our guard

There’s no other hiding place
No other King to end all wars
There’s no shelter like our God
The nations tremble at His voice
Track Name: There Is None Like Our God
Who holds the earth beneath His feet?
Who wakes the dawn up from the east?
Who walks the floors of oceans deep?
Who calmed the waves and split the sea?

No one can comprehend or take His place
No one that can contend or steal His fame

There Is none like our God, who makes the darkness flee
There is none like our God, who is the King of kings
There is none like our God, who sets the captives free
There is none like our God, none like our God

Who came to earth to set us free?
Who was crucified between two thieves?
Who died to save His enemies?
Who swallowed death and stole the keys?

Who is restoring everything?
Who will return as trumpets ring?
When all creation will proclaim
That Jesus Christ is Lord and King!
Track Name: Humble Us, Oh Lord
Oh Lord, you know our ways
Like blades of grass we sway
Whichever way the wind it blows
But you see right through our hearts
You know our every thought
Much deeper than we know our own

Father, forgive us
Remember your love

We’ve been proud and we’ve rebelled
We have lived to serve ourselves
We created our own hell
Now we crawl to you for help
You call us to come and die
That we might discover life
So give us life and to the full
Come and humble us, oh Lord
Come and humble us, oh Lord

Oh Lord you know our ways
We once were lost in shame
Addicted to our brokenness
But you came at the right time
Put your love on the line
And raised us from death to life again

All our debts were paid
On that gruesome day

May you become more
May we become less
Come guide our steps
Track Name: Like a Beggar
You have heard us as we pray
You have answered us in unexpected ways
You have been with us always
But we need Your healing presence here today

Like a beggar with an empty hand hungry for food
Like a pilgrim in a distant land searching for truth
Like a traveler in the desert we are thirsty for You
Thirsty for You

We have journeyed on in faith
We have heard Your winsome voice among the waves
We’ve been desperate for Your grace
Lord, to be within Your presence is to change

Jesus we believe, but help our unbelief
Come redeem this story
That we may become like mirrors to the sun
And reflect Your glory
Track Name: Formed In Your Image
Lord give us eyes that see like You see
Lord give us ears that hear like You hear
Lord give us minds that think like You think
Lord give us hearts that feel like You feel

Let us be righteous, let us seek justice
Let us take care of the needs of the poor
Let us be peaceful, loving our neighbors
Let us be formed in Your image, Lord

Lord let our worship, married with justice,
Be a pleasing sound to Your ears
Lord let Your Spirit reap of the harvest
Of seeds we’ve sewn through the years
Track Name: Flood This City
There's violence in this city
There's hate within these streets
There's fear among these people
Lord we need Your peace

There’s worry in our spirit
Despair within our souls
There’s grief within our hearts
Lord we need Your hope

Let Your Kingdom come and flood this city
Pull us from the valleys we’ve made
Oh Jesus, Healer of the Nations
Bring us Your salvation in this place

There’s tension in our families
There’s pain within these wounds
There are lies within our stories
Lord we need Your truth

There’s peace within Your Kingdom
There’s truth within its claim
There’s hope among us it’s people
Lord we need Your reign
Track Name: The Way / The Truth / The Life
When I’m empty and weak
And I don’t have the strength to stand
And despair cripples me
And the shadows consume my plans
Show me the way
Show me the truth
Show me the life, Jesus

When temptation surrounds
And I can’t figure out Your ways
And I’m buried in doubt
And I’m losing my grip on faith
Show me the way
Show me the truth
Show me the life, Jesus

I have no other rock upon which I can stand
You are my hope, You are my hope
Without you I confess I have no other plan
Where would I go? Where would I go?

When the grave comes for me
And I have no ambitions left
And I’ve said my goodbyes
I will breathe with my final breath
You are the way
You are the truth
You are the life, Jesus
Track Name: Make Us One (Holy Spirit)
Come and humble us, and make us one
Come and humble us, oh Lord
Open our hands up, and teach us love
Open our hands up, oh Lord

Though sin divides us
Lord come unite us

Oh Spirit of God, drown out all the lies
For You are enough to fill our desires
Oh Spirit of God, come soften our pride
Awaken Your church to be unified

Come and build Your Church and Your Kingdom
Come and build Your church, oh Lord

Make us one
Make us one
Make us one, Holy Spirit
Track Name: You've Never Let Me Down
No matter where I go, Your love is with me
I climbed the highest height and You were there
Why should I be afraid if You are with me?
I faced the darkest night and you weren’t scared

Wherever I go, Your love surround me there
Wherever I go, Your love surrounds

Your love, oh Lord
Is wider than the mountains
Deeper than the oceans
Higher than the clouds
Your love, oh Lord
Is full of perfect justice
With mercy and forgiveness
You’ve never let me down

No matter where I go, Your love is with me
I swam the deepest depths and You were there
Why should I be ashamed if You are for me?
Within my worst mistakes You still cared
Track Name: As We Gather Together
As we gather together to meet with You
Let us hear Your voice, Lord
Let us worship in spirit and truth
As we gather together, Lord make us one
Come and bind us together in the name of the Father, the Spirit, the Son
Oh praise the Father, the Spirit, the Son

Come and meet with us
We are here, we are eager, we are listening
We are listening
Come and speak to us
Give us faith, give us ears to hear and eyes to see
Give us eyes to see

As we gather together, Lord humble us
Let us turn from our idols
May we give you our worship and trust
May we give you our worship and trust

May Your Kingdom come, may Your will be done among us
Track Name: Where Does Our Hope Come From?
When trouble comes to steal our hope
When we're wondering without a home
When sickness plagues our skin and bones
When death comes to claim our weary souls

In all the trials and the storms
In all our darkest days
We lean into Your promises
And all our worries fade

Where does our hope come from?
Our hope comes from You, Lord!

When there's no place left to hide
When we're crushed by grief on every side
When the tears have all been cried
When all of our hopes and dreams have died

Come quickly Lord Jesus!
Fulfill our hopes and rescue us
We will wait on you Lord
Your Kingdom reign here on this earth